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U.S. Constitution

What are the main features of your U.S. Presidents app?

It’s “freemium”, so a user can play its game modes for free entertainment (yes, fun and games while studying!), look at study material, and try the two games for free (and ad free!) before purchasing. Both games are designed in single player mode for trivia game fans and serious students but can be used with friends or groups.


How do you play the first of the app’s two games?

One game uses the “flash cards” popular in studying for exams. All flash card clues that come on the screen are at your chosen difficulty level.

When you begin to type an answer, the app suggests possible answers to help you figure out the answer and speed the game. Thus, the game uses a different type of multiple choice quiz questions.

Points allow your mountain hiker to make game progress along the track at the bottom of the screen toward the winning score. This score varies by level to keep the game competitive to play without becoming ridiculously long at lower levels.

How do you get good at the app, and how long does it take?

We recommend starting with Level 1 as in other video games and winning the game twice before moving to Level 2 and so on, where the difficulty increases at each level. Even Level 1 is a skill-building adventure for new players and provides great entertainment. Each of the possible answers is a President. We guarantee you’ll get smart and discover things you didn’t know!

The amount of time needed for clear improvement is usually one week to get clearly better with the two games (assuming at least 5 different study sessions) and one month (to see clear improvement in quizbowl).

You can also just play a solitaire quiz, or let one person host by reading the clues aloud and playing together with friends. It’s some of the best trivia out there!

Even if you play trivia games made by others, our app may become your favorite trivia quiz, at least while studying U.S. history for a class. Measure success both by the levels you attain while playing and by how few clues you need to win the game at those levels.

Once you have reached Level 5 with “flash cards”, let your brain try to beat the other game.

How do you play the second game?

This is the harder “pyramid” game used in academic competitions and other quiz games, and played as students by trivia and quiz celebrities like Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and Matt Amodio.

Users see multiple clues on the screen, one at a time, all for the same President. Clues get easier until you are correct. Correct answers allow your hiker to make game progress toward victory.

The easiest few clues always appear in the “pyramid” game. Over time, your brain learns those easiest few clues.

We have kept some pure trivia but have concentrated on general knowledge and more useful stuff that you actually need to know. Again, play with friends or just solitaire. Even quiz heads and trivia addicts will see: it’s a perfect brain training game!

These two trivia games are also excellent study aids for students from middle school through college, and much better in helping you retain the information in your brain than most trivia games (if you will play the app several times a week). It’s some of the best trivia out there!

How can you actually study with a trivia app?

Our study mode lets you scroll through and read and study/learn all clues for a President at the same time.

Many links offer access to a President’s written words or personal background. You also get easy access to information on his family, what he accomplished while in the job, and what went on in the U.S. and the world during his time in office. You even get an easy way to learn the Presidents in order, and their years in office, just while scrolling through the list of Presidential pictures.

AP/CLEP/IB students will find the app worth its weight in gold in their U.S. history classes, especially as they prepare for their final test!

Ours is one of the best digital games/video games/trivia games out there for developing a detailed knowledge of U.S. Presidents.

Enjoy challenging trivia gameplay, and play anytime, with one of the best trivia game apps you’ll find anywhere!

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US Presidents

Choose a President of the United States, from George Washington and John Adams (the first Vice President, and the first President to live in the White House) to Joe Biden, with John Tyler, James Carter (Jimmy), and the others in between. Studying the life and upbringing of a President helps your understanding of U.S. history. Couple that with studying what went on while he was President, and you learn a lot with only a little effort.

Liberty Bell Royalty Free Vector Clip Art Illustration - Liberty Bell Royalty Free Vector Clip Art

Before 1865

From George Washington to Abraham Lincoln, our first Presidents had to deal with a new Constitution, “Manifest Destiny”, and how to deal with a new country: the United States of America.

This period includes Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson (the first President from the Democrat Party), and William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor (who both died in office), as well as John Tyler (the first man to become President upon the death of a President) and John Quincy Adams (the son of John Adams).


After Lincoln was assassinated and the Civil War was over, Andrew Johnson became President and survived an impeachment trial. The South underwent “reconstruction” to rejoin the Union, with some Southern states requiring more reconstruction than others.

During this period, Grover Cleveland became the only President to serve two non-consecutive terms. Benjamin Harrison (a descendant of William Henry Harrison) served between those two terms. After Cleveland’s second term, William McKinley became President but was assassinated and replaced by Theodore Roosevelt, who was replaced by William Howard Taft.

America got through the Spanish-American War, the Great Depression that began when Herbert Hoover was Chief Executive, two World Wars (with Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt in office, respectively), the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Gulf War.

We survived a Cold War that included a Berlin Wall being built and then torn down (after Ronald Reagan challenged Mikhail Gorbachev to tear it down), a War that ended with freedom from Communism for countries in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

We also limited a President to two terms, following the example set by George Washington. We even survived the Watergate scandal that caused Richard Nixon to become the first President ever to resign the office.


Since 2001, the American people have dealt with a War on Terror (under George W Bush), the country’s first black President (Barack Obama), and a Great Recession.

Find out even more information about Presidents of the United States with our app! It’s one of the best trivia games out there!