1) I can’t get the Windows apps to work.

You must carefully follow the instructions in the Dropbox link we send you. This includes downloading the free installer once and running it on your machine. You must then download one of the available apps and install it on your machine before that app will work. Click the “Free Apps” tab above to get the free U.S. Presidents sample or LDS app and the specific instructions. The process is similar for all other Windows apps.

2) I can’t type fast enough to put in the answer.

The Apple and Android apps have autofill, so this is no longer a problem. For Windows, read the instructions with each app to see the shorter answers that are considered acceptable.

3) Why do your apps have so much trivia ?

Our education apps are designed especially for quizbowl players who need to quickly learn basic information in a subject so they can play quizbowl competently. Thus, many clues may seem “trivial”, but those who use our apps for AP/CLEP review, National History Bowl/Bee practice, etc. really like them. We’ve even had a 4th-grader at the elementary-school finals of the National History Bee use our U.S. Presidents app as his main study aid!

Every well-educated person, from 4th grade on up, ought to know the easiest 6 clues for every single thing contained in every single education app we make. Thus, the app is very useful for anyone who wants to be well-educated– plus, it’s helpful for Jeopardy!

4) How do I use the apps most efficiently?

Generally, use flash card set 1 (the easiest) until you win the game twice. Then go to set 2, etc. Use the study mode as desired. After winning twice with flash card set 5, alternate between the game mode and higher-level flash card sets. Each app has our specific recommendations for the level you should reach to be a “good” or “top” player.

Playing 10-15 minutes a day should show clear improvement within a week and quizbowl-level improvement within 30 days. Then you can get questions from our partners at Avery Enterprises.

If studying for exams, study the works/people covered in class and during pre-exam review. Show your instructor the clues in the study mode and ask which clues are most likely to be tested. Play as described above.

5) What apps are next on the horizon ?

With 6 apps now available in each of our platforms, we’re taking a break for now on creating more subjects that are our idea. But we’re always looking for opportunities to partner with established organizations to combine our apps with their marketing reach. Contact us if you have a great idea!