This app is a college or law school study aid for exams like the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) ethics exam. Both the acronym MPRE and its meaning are trademarked by the test producers, which we are not.

Do not use this app as a substitute for legal counsel for a legal or ethical issue!

This app teaches the basic concepts on exams like the MPRE. Every question on such exams is a case study that tests knowledge of one or more of these basic concepts. Once you have learned these concepts well by using this app, such exams become much easier.

After you have reached our recommended scores to be ready for your exam, we recommend taking a practice exam from either NCBE (the MPRE test producer), or from another bar review company that writes practice questions for such exams.

This app may be used by students while taking an ethics class provided by their law school. During each lecture, go to Mode 2 (Study Ethics Material) and read through the 20 clues for each subject as it comes up. This will give an overview of the material and make it easier to understand and remember.  Our groupings of these concepts are different than groupings from other sources, so carefully check material under each of the 31 headings in this app before assuming a concept is not here somewhere.

The full app has 31 topics, with 20 clues for each work, plus hyperlinks for deeper study. Our “freemium” version lets you try out the app’s 3 modes without a financial commitment (but with only a subset of the material).

The app’s three modes are:

PLAY GAME: Race against the timer to answer each clue. Easier clues to the same answer come from giving a wrong answer, tapping “Done” (or its Android equivalent), or letting the clock run out. Correct answers let you climb the Fact Mountain!

STUDY ETHICS MATERIAL: Choose a subject and study its clues.

USE FLASH CARDS: Select a flash card set and play the game with only your set of flash cards. Correct answers let you climb the Fact Mountain!

To switch between modes, tap the X at the top right.

When studying on your own, we recommend studying these groups together so the material makes more sense:

Group #1: Applying to the Bar, Practicing Law

Group #2: Discipline, Misconduct

Group #3: Advertising, Prospective Client, Client Relations, Duty to Client, Communication

Group #4: Confidentiality, Confidentiality Exceptions

Group #5: Conflict of Interest, Government, Organization

Group #6: Courtroom (judge), Courtroom (lawyer), Defense Attorney, Prosecutor

Group #7: Business Guidelines, Fee, Safekeeping of Money or Property, Selling a Law Practice

Group #8: Extrajudicial, Financial Rules for Judges, Judge, Judicial Candidate

Group #9: Law Firm, Pro Bono, Third-Party Neutral

Group #10: Disqualification, Withdraw

The words “lawyer” and “attorney” are synonyms in this app. Both words may be used in the same clue to represent 2 different people.

The words “case”, “proceeding” and “matter” are synonyms in this app.

This app may be recommended for student use by faculty, or by others teaching ethics classes, but it may *not* be used as part of the class by anyone paid to teach such a class without written permission from Foothills Education.

Some phrases in quotation marks are taken directly from the ABA Code of Professional Conduct or Code of Judicial Conduct.

Masculine pronouns are used for consistency and to make clues shorter. No sexism is intended.

Note that some clues contain underlined hyperlinks that can be tapped to find more information for deeper study.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Begin with flash card set 1 until you win the game twice in less than 20 clues. Then go to flash card set 2, etc. Study the material as desired, or as it comes up in class. After winning twice with flash card set 5, alternate between playing the game and using higher-level flash cards. Playing 10-15 minutes per day will show clear improvement within a week.

BEGIN USING PRACTICE EXAM QUESTIONS WHEN: You can win the game in less than 30 clues with at least 80% correct, *and* you can win on flash card set 10 in less than 20 clues.

*However*, even after beginning practice questions, we recommend continuing with the app all the way through flash card set 20, as about half the rules tested on such exams questions are in flash card sets 11-20 and may not be learned if study is stopped early.

YOU SHOULD BE READY FOR YOUR EXAM WHEN: You are getting 70% of your practice questions correct, you can win the game in less than 20 clues with at least 80% correct, *and* you can win on flash card set 15 in less than 20 clues.

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