Russian Literature

Study for both quizbowl and the AP test in English Literature and Composition with this Fact Mountain app!

Note that many clues in all 3 modes contain hyperlinks that can be tapped to find even more information for deeper study.

The three modes are:

PLAY GAME: Race against the timer to answer each clue. Tap “Enter” (or its Android equivalent) to get an easier clue. Correct answers let you climb the Fact Mountain of Russian literature!

STUDY WORKS: Choose one of the 36 works and study its 40 clues from hardest (30) to easiest (1).

USE FLASH CARDS: Select a flash card set, ranked from hardest (40) to easiest (1). Then play the game with only your set of flash cards. Correct answers let you climb the Fact Mountain of Russian literature!

To switch between modes in iOS, tap the X at the top right.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Use flash card set 1 until you win the game twice. Then go to flash card set 2, etc. Study the works as desired. After winning twice with flash card set 5, alternate between playing the game and using higher-level flash cards. Playing 10-15 minutes per day will show clear improvement within a week.

Experienced quiz players or well-read people can start with harder flash card sets or play the game right away.

Expert players can win in game mode and in flash card set 12.

Masters of Russian literature can win quickly in both game mode and flash card set 24.

Teachers may connect a device with this app to a larger screen/projector and use any mode as desired. However, we recommend age 7 as the minimum age to use the app.

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